Headshot session: $149, 1 edited headshot of your choice included, each additional edited shot for $40, maximum time for the shoot is 2 hours. Just yourself shot at my studio. Promo price for a limited time.

Photoshoot: $399, 6 edited photos of your choice included, each additional edited shot for $40, maximum time for the shoot is 3 hours. Just yourself photographed. 

Photoshoooot: $569, 12 edited photos of your choice included, each additional edited shot for $40, maximum time for the shoot is 5 hours. Feel free to bring a friend to shoot with you.

Supermodel: $1699, up to 6 shoots in one year, 8 edits included for each shoot, each additional edited shot for $35, maximum time for each shoot is 5 hours. 

This package takes effect the day you pay for it. It lasts 365 days. One in person consultation is required at a cafe near me. 

Non-transferable: you can bring a friend to shoot with you, but yourself need to be present during the whole shoots. 

Satisfaction guaranteed: if you are not satisfied with the first shoot of this package, there'll be full refund and 5 edited photos for you as a souvenir. If you are not satisfied with a shoot down the road, that particular shoot with be free (but no photos from this shoot provided) and the previous shoot(s) we've already done will count as regular photoshoots. For example, if you are not happy with the 3rd shoot, you'll be given a refund of $1699 - $399 x 2 = $901.


A 50% deposit is due upon booking. Your deposit will of course count toward your total payment. The rest is due at the completion of your shoot.

Deposits are not refundable.

My pricing is in Canadian Dollars. I do not guarantee that I'll accept any other currency, please talk to me ahead of time if you plan to pay with foreign money. 

No files of any kind will be delivered to you unless your full payment for the shoot has been received.


A reschedule with no extra charge can be arranged if I'm notified at least 72 hours (3 full days) prior to the shoot.

If you reschedule within 72 hours (3 full days) prior to your shoot, it'll be a day of my choice (that you agree to) within the next month. If you choose to reschedule again, your deposit will no longer count and you'll need to make another deposit. 

Unless we have a particular arrangement, shooting a different day is always considered a new shoot and not a continuation of any previous shoots. 

Being late for more than 15 minutes without sufficient notice counts as your time unless an extraordinary situation occurs. 

Of course, within your booked time, we are done whenever you are satisfied, but you are expected to shoot for at least one hour. If you plan to shoot for less time, please let me know prior to the shoot. 


I provide my regular studio space in Scarborough ON.

If you prefer to shoot outside that, my travel expenses as well as the rental/purchase fee of the space will be your responsibility.


Makeup and hair artists are not provided in the pricing above. I am happy to make recommendations. 

Professional makeup for adult women is highly recommended. Please consider hiring one unless you are fully confident that you don't need an artist and/or can do it well yourself for a photoshoot.

Unless it's a look you specifically look for, men usually don't need any makeup.

The Shoot

Theme of the shoot is up to you. Please consult in advance. It must be accepted by both you and me.

Let me know your vision prior to shooting, in as much detail as possible.

I need to know and agree to exactly who is/are coming to the shoot at booking.

You are responsible for supervising what we shoot on set. Once the shoot is completed, reshooting is not provided. If you don't make a clear verbal complaint, you being happy with the shoot is assumed.

Help me help you

Bring some music. 

Bring some drinks and snacks for yourself (or me).

Find as many inspiration photos as possible and share them with me.

Sleep and eat well prior to shooting.

The Shipment

You are expected to have access to a computer (not tablets or phones that is) and can open/unzip .zip files. 

All photos from the session are provided at a small preview size. Other (including full size raw) unedited shots are not provided. 

A typical size for preview files is 1200 pixels x 800 pixels. 

Photos are due at 11:59pm EST/EDT. Photos are due in JPG format only unless the package includes printed items. Photos will be delivered via WeTransfer, a service with a 7-day expiration limit, or email attachment. It is your responsibility to download the file(s) promptly before expiration. I am allowed to send photos in one or multiple files, depending on the specific situation. 

Final delivered photos are typically provided in 3:4 portrait aspect ratio at no less than 185ppi. Photos are typically at least 2000 pixels x 2667 pixels.  

Should you feel unhappy regarding results of editing, I am happy to provide another go. Redo requests have to be made within 72 hours of receiving the edits. Redo needs 72 hours at no extra cost. Redos are only done with explicit technical complaints (ie "I don't like them" isn't clear enough). I offer only 1 redo. 

Prints of headshots will be sent via Canada Post Xpresspost. 

There's no redo for prints. I'll make sure the printing quality is good prior to delivery. You'll receive the retouched photo before I order prints so that you are happy with what's being printed.

Although once delivered, the edited photos are no longer within my control, you are strongly encouraged not to modify and especially not to apply mobile photo application's (for example, Instagram's) creative filters to my photos. I've spent a lot of time fine-tuning the colour, contrast and overall mood of each photo.

I offer a buyout option to photo sessions. The buyout price to a headshot session is $300. The buyout price to any individual photo shoot session is $500. The buyout price to any wedding session is $1000. The buyout price to any other type of shoot shall be discussed before the shoot if needed. The choice of a buyout must take place within 90 days of the shoot, and it is only confirmed with me receiving your full buyout payment. Once this option is taken, all available raw files from the shoot will be delivered to you electronically. The files will most likely be in the cr2 format only, and in some cases, maybe in the jpg format. No matter when the buyout option is taken, there will be no refund of any kind, even if I do not edit any of your photos. Once the buyout option is completed, I will also no longer accept any orders on the editing of that shoot.

The Weird Situation

Before you read on, I can assure you everything is based on common sense and there isn't anything hidden to trick you. Not reading this section will not put you at a disadvantage. I personally believe in fewer rules and more creative freedom, but some rather bizarre situations in the past made me feel necessary to list all the circumstances I want to avoid.

Of course, feel free to read everything.

I am not obligated to post/publish any of your photos or videos on any of my internet or print presence, e.g. this site, my Facebook pages, or Instagram. I often do not share pictures of customers. 

I am allowed however, to share your photos or videos on my internet or print presence. If you prefer otherwise, please let me know prior to booking the shoot.

I am unable to change what you look like in post editing. I often can improve within reason, but dramatically changing things is not possible, e.g. your skin condition. Please make sure you are confident with the way you look and feel on the day of the shoot.

Although I will strive to do my best, however, I will not accept complaints regarding the retouching of your appearance, anywhere on your face or body, if you choose to do your own makeup or to use a makeup artist that I do not approve of.

I am not obligated to explain any technical details of my photography workflow.

You are expected to be able to follow instructions in English.

If what I do on set is delaying the shooting process meaninglessly and significantly, you have the right to point it out right away and time will be compensated accordingly. 

Unless otherwise promised, I am not responsible for booking and/or contacting any other person for your shoot, e.g. models or artists.

Other than what I already own at booking (which can be disclosed if needed), any additional equipment, prop, or other purchases needed in the entire workflow (including but not limited to on set and in post-production) are your responsibility.  

You are not allowed to delete photos from my cameras without explicit permission to do so regarding each photo. My memory cards are not to be taken out from my cameras by anyone other than myself without explicit permission to do so.

Should you cause any damage to my equipment, full retail price(s) including taxes and shipping will be charged. 

If I am ill on the day of shooting, I am happy to offer an alternative later day at no extra cost to you with two additional edits for you as an apology. 

I am not obligated to respond to progress checks before due time if you are asking too frequently.

I am only fully responsive for phone calls, emails, messages (via text messages of any mobile application), or in-person visits between 9am and 5pm EDT/EST, Monday to Friday. If I were busy and unable to respond, you will get a reply explaining my situation promptly. Emails and messages are typically returned within 24 hours. 

Although I promise to do everything on my end within reason to accommodate, I do not work for anyone other than the people I photograph. If you shoot with me for any reason that involves you submitting the photos to anyone else, their opinion won't be taken into account on my end. Please consult with them regarding exactly what you want and need and have me approve every detail that you are aware of prior to booking the shoot with me. Once you approve of my photography in person and editing afterwards, any external feedback from anyone other than yourself will be ignored on my end.

Guest parking is available but not guaranteed. 

If you leave things behind, it will be kept for you to drop by and pick up. I'm not responsible for delivering it. I can send them to you at the actual cost.

I am only responsible for my own behaviour on set. 

Do not assume that I will provide anything (goods or services) not stated above. 

I have the right to change, alter, amend or replace all or any part of this agreement at any time, that such changes, alterations, amendments or replacements shall be effective as of the time of posting. You further agree to regularly review this agreement for such changes, alterations, amendments or replacements.

All terms above are effective as of posting. 

You are assumed to have read and agreed to all the terms above upon booking.