So... we're shooting soon!

That's so great... and I'm just as excited as you are, possibly even more so. However there are some things (based on past experience) I feel we should make clear ahead of time to avoid confusion later on.

Shooting is a one-on-one thing. And to me, even if I'm not making money from it, it's still work. I take it very seriously and I strive to be as professional as possible. If you're being dropped off by your parent/significant other/relative/friend, that's great and I'm happy to meet them and shake their hands and have a quick chat with them. However, shooting itself should be just you and I. There are multiple malls and plazas, and a library nearby. Your ride can go there and relax while we shoot. If you're over 18 you should be able to work on your own. If you're under 18, you're also welcome to shoot alone but one guardian is more than welcome to stay.

Have a little faith in me. If I tell you to bring some variety of outfits, it's because it'll be useful. I understand it's a tiring task to lug around a suitcase via public transit, but don't bring just a sweater when I ask for "a variety". Everything I ask you to do prior to or during or even after shooting is because I genuinely feel it'll creative a good photo, and often based on experience. 

P.S. I never had a problem with too much wardrobe brought on set. And I welcome your challenge. 

Us shooting should be a mutually beneficial process, including the selection of photos. How I usually do it is to find the top picks myself (possibly 5-10) for each look, and I'm glad to hear your input on which ones of those stand out and I'll edit based on your opinion (not necessarily following your opinion strictly). I'm also happy to just select on my own and all you have to do after the shoot is to wait for the photos to arrive in your email a few weeks later. Unedited photos won't be delivered to anyone involved in a creative (exception below). If you insist on taking a look at everything we have shot and picking your favs and having those particular ones edited for you, I will charge at $40 per selected photo, and ask for three selects minimum (three or more). Your payment will be due before I start editing. Money wasn't my motivation when I asked you to do a creative, and you'll get edited photos that I like without paying me a penny, but if I'm providing a service to you, I expect to be paid.

I have my artistic style, from shooting to editing. I assume (and hope) you like my stuff when you decide to shoot with me. Hence when I edit, I will stick to what pleases my eyes. I sincerely hope it pleases your eyes too. I'm happy to know how you feel about your particular photos after I do the retouching, e.g. things like "the face is a bit too bright" or "could you make the red pop more" are very valuable suggestions and I will listen to you and add your suggestion to my editing. But I won't change my style significantly to suit your taste. It's my work and it's my style. 

I offer a buyout option to our shoot. The buyout price to a creative shoot is $300. The choice of a buyout must take place within 90 days of the shoot, which means your payment of $300 must be received within 90 days after the shoot. Once this option is taken, all available raw files from the shoot will be delivered to you electronically. The files will most likely be in the cr2 format only, and in some cases, maybe in the jpg format. Once the buyout option is completed, I am no longer obligated to edit anything from that shoot.

I'm a big fan of fewer rules and more creativity. I really mean it. I feel stupid having to mention these to you and I'm sure you're thinking that we're on the same page in the first place. But these situations stated above happen just a touch too frequently for me to want to avoid in the future. 

Now that we have these out of the way, let's rock and roll and create some art.